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Masks Must NOT Stay


Masks are not benign, nor do they serve to reduce case growth. They are not the reason that flu went away, nor RSV. We need to consider long and hard if we want to become a masked state, and what impact that will have on our communities, our children, and our economy. It will not reduce disease. It will likely further atomize our communities. It will also likely accelerate the transition of the country’s cultural locus from the northeast to freer places. It will harm our state.


Source, CDC


Compulsory masking has a very unsavory power dynamic associated with it, with the groups that are forced to mask, typically being those without the ability to resist (children, servers, retail workers). The same was—and is—true in Japan, and used to be considered an unpleasant, corporatist (note, not collectivist) element of their culture.

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